Courtney retired on October 20, 2013.

Climate change is not a hoax.


Let's go somewhere far away.


That joke was funny.

We weren't able to reach Rex.

President Lincoln was assassinated with a bullet to the head, right behind the left ear.


Mike is captain of our team.

My mother has it in for me.

Drink some tea.

I'd love to come back next week.

When will we reach the airport?

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Not another goalless draw!

Pantelis breathed a sigh of relief.

I was trying not to look at Claudia.

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All my friends will be there.

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He resolutely pushed forward from the start, overwhelming and pushing out his off-balance opponent.

We need it now.

Don't be too stubborn.

The goods arrived undamaged.

Science does not solve all the problems of life.

I've been on a strict diet.

Which continent is the most populated one?

Their expenses for the wedding were considerable.

We live here.

My advice was not lost upon her.

She can understand everything they're saying.

I changed clothes.

You could've jeopardized the entire operation.


I'm bursting for a wee and I can't find a washroom.

I didn't have any good tips for you. Sorry.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination

Gail's adoptive parents are much kinder to him than his birth parents ever were.

A crystal chandelier was hanging over the table.

The teacher is counted the best dresser in our school.

Rainy days makes me unhappy.

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The oceans are currently absorbing about a quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere annually and are becoming more acidic as a result, leading to concerns about intensifying impacts on marine ecosystems.


The doctor told me to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.

There's no reason to panic.

The mother lay beside her baby on the bed.

I'd like to pay with my credit card instead.

It's too high.

I want to marry Bob.

Manolis told me you were retired.

I gave Sofoklis everything he asked for.

I didn't talk to Socorrito about this.


They aren't there.

I am sure of her innocence, without a shadow of a doubt.

I like outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer.


Her face was enlightened by happiness.

We've dodged another bullet.

I met him on Friday the 13th.


She plays the piano.

I think we ought to change our policy.

I could have done it, but I didn't.


Sumitro is the victim of a terrible crime.

He can't be older than me.

Over here!

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He's currently in prison for tax fraud.

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I know you hired them.


I didn't believe him at all.


Elsa wasn't able to finish his dinner.

She was left behind.

You can meet me somewhere sometime or something.

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She was on the verge of tears.


Waiter, may I have the bill please?

The brochure of the Aesculapian Medical Society was really beautiful.

I never told you what actually happened.


It's not exactly a secret.


Ruth and Maria did not speak French.

Jack is now either in London or Paris.

Because his salary is low, he can't buy that house.

We were running to and fro.

Napoleon's headquarters were in an unused windmill.


Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

This is a fundamental question.

The doctor emphasized that the patient only had a few days to live.


My mother set the table for dinner.

I told him to leave the room.

My dad bought a model plane for me for Christmas.

Malus is acting like a fool.

You haven't said yet where you live.

I went to talk to them.

He is the first Japanese that traveled in space.

Are you easy-going?

Stay out of Joanne's way.

I cured my cold with this medicine.

It's all the same to me.

He did it willingly.

I hope not.

"Is he right?" "I don't think so."

He ordered a cup of tea.


Saiid is alone again.

Xueyou is looking at the new pictures Renmei took in Beijing.

Can you help me figure it out?


I enter the room, where I found an old man sleeping.

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Kiki chopped down the branch with an ax.

I just wish it was easier to do.

I missed going out with her and eating at our favorite restaurant.

Most migratory birds don't get why, once they've flown south, they don't just stay there.

We won't win.

Saad got up from the bench.

She speaks very rapidly.

Please don't make me laugh. I did too many sit-ups yesterday and my stomach muscles hurt.

Hurry up, or you will be late for the last train.

The teacher contemplated me for a while.

I've been a little sick lately.

We're trying to figure that out right now.

Barry showed me around the campus.

We've figured it out.

I recorded our conversation.


He told everyone that we were married.

Can we drop this?

That's self-evident.

My son is going to leave for France next week.

I could tell that Mysore was in a lot of pain.

They did not want to get involved in the fighting.

They were frustrated.

I've already made amends to most of the people on my list.

The TV commercial for herbal supplements ended with a quickly spoken disclaimer.

Leads is extremely greedy.

He had nothing to do with the case.

I slipped on my geta and dashed outside.

She came an hour beyond the appointed time.

These girls are more charming than the ones I met yesterday.

Can I turn on the TV?

I thought it was weird.

You remember it better than I do.

Sue's dress is a triumph of bad taste.

You don't speak French, do you?


We must party.

Turning left you will find the bus stop.

This is my latest review.

Shari rubbed her hands on her apron.

Did Micheal say why he was leaving?


Saiid had no intention of waiting for three hours.

Get ready for a strong scene.

Sadly, my father no longer belongs to the group.

Matti does know what he's doing, doesn't he?

Why do you say that she's stupid?

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I think it's going to rain.


She had a sullen look on her face.

Please don't misunderstand.

The police interrogated Moe.

The train we'll be on will arrive at 9 p.m.

We shall die sooner or later.


I expect him to come to our aid.

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Any child knows it.

My mother had cooked supper when I got home.

Jose abandoned the idea of buying a new truck.

Olson didn't want to spend that much for a meal.

Is this gift Laura's?

I bought my prom dress there.

Siegurd was trapped for ten days by a terrible blizzard.

I'm sure we could arrange that.

He is an amateur gardener, but his flowers are beautiful.

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The doctor told me to go to bed.

We could hear the children laughing.

I won't do to Cathrin what he did to me.


Energy reform is a tremendous challenge and requires effort from us.

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He told me that she was sick.

Does King have gray hair?

Mike is helping him.

I'll meet with her.

Our parents adored me.